Smith’s Leather Balm

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Hand poured, all natural leather conditioner. We treat all of our leather goods with Smith’s before they leave our shop! To preserve and protect your leather goods, this should be applied as needed. You can’t over do it. You may use your hands/fingers to apply or use a soft microfiber cloth if you prefer. And it smells wonderful!!!

It cannot be applied to suede or nubuck so if you’re unsure about it being safe to use on your leather good, shoot us a message with a picture! We’ll do our best to advise you.

It will darken the leather upon application but once absorbed, it should lighten back up a tad. Remember, leather will create its own natural patina over time with wear and use. That’s what makes it so beautiful!

Smith’s Leather Balm is 100% natural and made in Maine. It is a conditioner used to restore, preserve and protect fine leather goods.

Made with just three ingredients, 100% organic cocoa butter, 100% organic beeswax and 100% pure, sweet almond oil, it is our favorite by far!

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