In order to keep your leather looking and feeling good and to ensure it lasts a lifetime, you will need to condition it from time to time. This keeps it from drying out which will cause cracks and/or tears. Most items can be conditioned once a year or more often as needed. We use and recommend Smith's Leather Balm. It is made right here in the USA in Maine by a husband and wife team! They have a great story so if you'd like to know more you can find them here. 

Their leather balm is all natural using just 3 ingredients: 100% organic cocoa butter, 100% organic beeswax, and 100% pure, sweet almond oil.  

You can use your hands or a soft microfiber cloth to apply the balm. Simply rub it into the leather and allow to absorb. It may darken the leather upon application but should lighten back up once absorbed. 

Leather earrings can be gently wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth to remove makeup.

Brass, silver, and copper jewelry can be cleaned and polished with a jewelry pad or cleaners. *Do not clean or polish jewelry that has a patina as this will remove the finish.*

If you have any other questions about caring for your leather, please feel free to reach out!