Cowhide Rugs

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All cowhides are 100% leather, hair on hide. A few have patches, most do not. The price and dimensions of each rug is shown in the picture following.

All cowhides are Colombian, Brazilian or Argentinian and range in quality. Behind the #number on each tag, the Grade is listed. It will state whether it’s a premium, Grade A or B. Most B Grade rugs contain at least one patch. 

Care: To clean your cowhide rug, shake out or gently vacuum with the bare floor attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Spot clean with a damp rag and rub in the direction of the hair.  

Over time and in heavy traffic areas, the rug will lose some hair. This is a natural cowhide therefore blemishes and brands are normal. 

Rugs are nonreturnable and FINAL SALE.